Thursday, March 27, 2008

Review: Caramel Custard

Okay, so I am not sure I let the sugar/carmel mixture cook long enough. When I flipped it over it was a very thin syrup, very watery. I cut a tiny bite-sized wedge and the good parent that I am feed it to my six-year old, letting her be the brave test-taster. She said she liked the custard part, but not the top part. I took a tiny piece for my-self and I have to admit that if my daughter wasn't in the room, I probably would have spit it out. I didn't care for the taste of it. I am pretty sure that the custard part turned out okay. I told my husband to take it to work so I could get some reviews back and unfortuntley he left it at home on the table all day, so we had to throw it out. So now I guess I will never know how bad or good it was.

Even though I didn't care for it I have to admit it was an extremely easy dish to make. I think I would have to cook the sugar to a deeper amber. I would make this for a pot-luck or Cinco de Mayo party. It is a dish that looks spectacular (when make correctly) and looks harder to make than it is.

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