Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TWD: Granola Grabbers

Okay so I have had things go wrong with recipes before, but at least most have been edible. The only other recipe from TWD that did not turn out for me and I had to trash was the sticky buns....well my first batch of Granola Grabbers are going down with them. I am not sure what happend. I have to admit that I didn't add as much Granola as it called for, but I added alot of nuts and chips and stuff. I don't think my granola was good so I ended up using very little as I was trying to get the chips, nuts and coconut out of the bowl. The granola is from who knows how long ago...anyhoo....I put the first batch in the oven and they came out flatter than pancakes with all the chips sitting on top. The edges were burnt and it looked fried. I couldn't find my camera this morning so I left them sitting on the stove with tin foil over them. I put the rest of the batter in the fridge and I am going to try to see if I can salvage the rest...although I think I am better off chunking this batch. I do want to make it again - I have high hopes for this as a breakfast cookie. And goodness knows as busy as we are it wouldn't hurt to have these on hand for a quick morning grab.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TWD: Bluberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

Things have just been crazy around here. I have been absent from the TWD for a few weeks because of A/C issues, summer vacation, school starting and the other ten million crazy things going on in my life. I attempted to make this ice cream yesterday, but I was worried about wheather or not the heavy cream in my fridge was still good or not. It kind of looked curdled at the top...so I had to wait until this morning so I could get some from the store and guess what....there was the same curdled milk look at the top of that container also. So my question for all those experienced people out there...how long does heavy cream last, when can you tell it is bad??

Dolores' of Cronicles in Culinary Curiosity.Wow! I have to say that I am extremely impressed by this recipe. I doubled it and the only thing I did different was I substituted some yogurt in for some sour cream. I was actually quite worried about how it would taste with the sour cream only. I used a container of blueberry and mixed berry yogurt then added the difference in sour cream. It is currently in the freezer. I made it up last night, churned when I got up and was getting ready for work, now it is waiting for the 3:00 break time here at work. I tasted it this morning at the soft serve consistancy and I thought it was excellent. I am wondering what other fruits it would work for??