Thursday, January 8, 2009


Wow! Has it really been September since my last post. Things have just gotten crazy.

For Christmas I got an external harddrive so I am busy catagorizing my digital files and hope to have more scrapbooking up soon. I have made a few jewelry pieces for Christmas that I couldn't talk about before that I will photographed and get up soon. I made a lovely (if I do say so myself) baby blanket for Lucas (my new nephew). I have a new sewing machine so I am going to teach myself to sew. I have a few skills as I did a few projects with my Gma and Mother growing up. But this will be the first time I have done anything by myself and it has sleeves and a zipper - Yikes!

We are going to be baking a little bit healthier around here. Trying to get in shape...ya know how it is. So what healthy foods do you like that are easy to prepare?? Send me a recipe so I can try it out. I am not doing any specific diet....just trying to be a little healthier. I have in years past made New Year resolutions, but this year I think I am just going to try and do better. I feel sometimes I set up goals and when I start to miss them instead of trying harder - I just give up. I don't have a # that I want to weight or a size I want to fit in - instead I would like to play with my children longer than a few minutes before getting winded. I would like to go see a movie and be able to fit into the seats again. I would like to be comfortable on an airplane (not that I plan on flying anywhere this year)
Oh and btw if you have a webkinz sign me up as a friend - I am under the name byrumnews....boy that site is addicting. Well got to go for now. Much love to all I hope the New year brings more joy than pain and more loss than gain (weight).

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Kim said...

Hey! We have started making quick parfaits with nonfat vanilla yogurt, mixed fruit (whatever kind you like) and all natural granola. Found all ingredients at Walmart. Try it. My kids (even my picky one) love it!