Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DS pages

A co-worker of mine had sold her old house and was building a new one. We took in there rabbit for six months to take care of while it was being built. Emilia had such a great time caring for the rabbit. It was an interesting experience. But I know after having the bunny that I wouldn't want a caged animal to care for.

Paper & Flower Border: digitalarts-cafe.com/Good Times
Frame: digital-crea.fr/The Magestic
Font: Oldgate Lane Outline

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Linda said...

Hi Sharon - I talked to you last night at the Creek. I was thinking about your name and realized that (other than meeting you years ago thru Margaret at some of your first Creek crops) I knew your name from somewhere. Turns out we have a mutual friend, Suzanne Bree! And so I found your blog on her blog list. Will be adding your blog(s) to my reader!